The model teaches supervisors a way to assess TALENT MIX which is made up of the person’s experience, background, education, and confidence to perform a job.  Once the leader accurately assesses the TALENT MIX, he or she can then determine how to influence performance behaviors toward success.  The supervisor uses various combinations of FOCUSING AND COACHING BEHAVIORS to accomplish his or her goal.

The model ingrained instantly.  It stuck with me.  You see how you can reward employees.  I think retail, manufacturing, and temp-agencies would find the model useful.  General Manager—Wood Products Company

This is a great program for any level of any organization—from convenience stores to banks to whatever—from new to seasoned supervisors.  Manager—Manufacturing Company

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    A Video/Audio: 36 Slide Program with a 13-page White Paper explaining the model in detail.

    • The EMPOWERED LEADER shows how SELF-AWARENESS and SELF-KNOWLEDGE are the foundations of leadership.
    • The EMPOWERED LEADER teaches leaders how to assess an individual's TALENT MIX along a continuum. What is the person’s SKILL SET and MOTIVATION to successfully complete the job?
    • The EMPOWERED LEADER influences followers by using TWO SETS OF BEHAVIORS, FOCUSING BEHAVIOR and COACHING BEHAVIOR and with various combinations of these behaviors moves a person along by using FOUR PATHS OF EMPOWERMENT which are:

    EDUCATING the person about the job;

    ENHANCING the individual’s performance with continued focusing on the job and coaching motivation;

    INSPIRING the person to perform on their own, and

    EMPOWERING the person to control their own performance.

    Increase your leader effectiveness.  Know what approach to use to get the results you need.  Know when to encourage performance and when to intervene, but always increase your probability of success and get the result you want.

“Identify good managers and then get out of their way,” Warren Buffet.

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